7th Grade pre-AP English

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7th-grade Pre-AP Language Arts


Crystal Wright                       

Phone: 256-857-5145

E-Mail: wrightca@marshallk12.org

1st Nine Weeks

Major Works: The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963 by James Paul Curtis

Short Stories: “Rikki-tikki-tavi” and  “All Summer in a Day” 

Grammar: Daily Language Review (DLR) as Bell Ringers and 

weekly assignments in HMH Core Skills Language Arts workbook

Vocabulary: Homework page assigned at the beginning of the week - 

due at the end of the week before the test






Students Return 8/10


T - Class Expectations & Procedures

W/TH - Safety Procedures, Summer Reading Projects Q & A

F - Writing Assignment - ”What Makes Me Me?”

Complete Google Forms


M - Review Elements of Plot: Pixar Short Film - “Rikki-tikki-tavi,” p. 228; Preview vocab and author bio

T - Read the story and apply the plot diagram

W/TH - (WB) Conjunctions pg. 21, Compound Sentences pgs. 39-40; Finish story; Review story; View video; Introduce A-C-E paragraph format

F - “Rikki-tikki-tavi” Open-Book (OB) Test

“Rikki-tikki-tavi” Test

DLR Wk. 1 Test

Vocab HW Wk. 1

Vocab Wk. 1 Test


The Giver Project Due 8/24

M - The Giver presentations

T - Continue presentations

W/TH - (WB) Quotations pg. 55, Common Nouns and Proper Nouns pg. 1, Collective Nouns and Mass Nouns pg. 2; iReady Benchmark Test

F - “Peeling Back the Layers” with The Giver Quotes - Group Activity

The Giver Project

DLR Wk. 2 Test

Vocab HW Wk. 2

Vocab Wk. 2 Test


M - Review Plot: “All Summer in a Day,” p.100 - Preview vocab amd author bio

T - Finish story/ View video/ OB Test with Compare/Contrast Paragraph

W/TH - (WB) Simple Sentences and Word Order pg. 27, Types of Sentences pg. 28; Review A-C-E paragraph on “All Summer in a Day”

F - Picture Book Group Activity: Summary and Plot Diagram

“All Summer in a Day” Test

DLR Wk. 3 Test

Vocab HW Wk. 3

Vocab Wk. 3 Test

Author’s Purpose/

Mood Practice


9/6 Labor Day - No School

9/10 Progress Reports Go Home

M - Labor Day - No School

T - The Watsons Go to Birmingham - Intro to 1960s and Narcissus myth; Read Ch. 1

W/TH - (WB) Complete, Simple, and Compound Subjects pg. 29, Complete, Simple, and Compound Predicates pg. 30, Capitalization pg. 45-46; Read Ch. 2-3/ Idiom Activity Page

F - Review Ch. 1-3/ OB Test

DLR Wk. 4 Test

Vocab HW Wk. 4

Vocab Wk. 4 Test

Watsons Ch. 1-3 Test


M - Read Ch. 4/Identify Hyperboles

T - Read Ch.5/ Discuss Point-of-View

W/TH - (WB) Pronouns pgs. 3-4, Semicolons pg. 52; Read Ch.6/Discuss flashbacks

F - Review Ch. 4-6/ OB Test

DLR Wk. 5 Test

Vocab HW Wk. 5

Vocab Wk. 5 Test

Watsons Ch. 4-6 Test


M - Read Ch. 7/Discuss allusions

T - Read Ch. 8/Discuss mood and tone

W/TH - (WB) Prepositional Phrases pgs. 19-20; Read Ch. 9/Review Story Elements/ Characterization

F - Review Ch. 7- 9/ OB Test

DLR Wk. 6 Test

Vocab HW Wk. 6

Vocab Wk. 6 Test

Watsons Ch. 7-9 Test


M - Read Ch. 10/Discuss imagery

T - Read Ch. 11/Discuss irony

W/TH - (WB) Independent and Dependent Clauses 37-38, Complex Sentences pg. 41; Read Ch. 12/Review Plot Elements

F - Review Ch. 10-12/ OB Test

DLR Wk. 7 Test

Vocab HW Wk. 7

Vocab Wk. 7 Test

Watsons Ch. 10-12 Test


10/11-10/15 - Fall Break

10/21-10/22 - Dedication Days

10/8 End of 1st Nine Weeks

M - Read Ch. 13/Discuss symbolism and personification

T - Read Ch. 14/Discuss poem: Birmingham Sunday” and nonfiction article “16th Street Baptist Church Bombing - Forty Years Later”

W/TH - (WB) Verbs pgs. 6-8; Read Ch. 15 & Epilogue/ Discuss theme

F - Review novel/ OB Test

DLR Wk. 8 Test

Vocab HW Wk. 8

Vocab Wk. 8 Test

Drawing Conclusions/Theme Practice

Watsons Novel Test

Google Classroom Access Code: joz5b73

Readworks.org Access Code: Y6MK2M

Individual Textbook: Prentice Hall Literature Grade 7 - Students will use a class set of textbooks in the classroom. However, textbooks are available to check out to complete make-up work or for any length of time needed.

The teacher may give additional tests, quizzes, or assignments at her discretion. Students should see the teacher for specific dates and times of what was covered during an absence from class.

The teacher reserves the right to modify this schedule as needed. Students are responsible for knowing about modifications announced in class.

Course of Study

The following numbers correlate with the College and Career Readiness Standards that can be found on https://alex.state.al.us/browseEnglish.php and are taken and modified from the 

A+ College and Career Readiness curriculum.

R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6,1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7, 8b,9, 10, 16,17, 

18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28,29, 30, 31, 32